Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's time for a change

In light of a few things... going through foster classes, the issues with law enforcement that is too close to home, and just the desire to try something new... I will be changing blogs!

Please follow- the a bit more private- me (as I set my goal to try to actually write more often) at:
The Password for the first blog will be FOSTER

Feel free to leave comments there, share your own stories, or just see what we are up to!

Love to all

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This blog is for my Mom.

Now, I am so very blessed to have more people than I can believe that have helped play a role in my life that is similar to a mom. I have a wonderful Bonus-Mom, lovely grandmothers, and sweet, sweet aunts that have helped shape me. But... for Mother's Day this year, I want to thank my Mom.

I know, I know, we ALL LOVE our mothers. But sometimes I really do think mine is the best (sorry I'm not sorry about that one).

Here's a short list of why:

-My Mother raised us off of a single salary as an administrative assistant when we were growing up

-I cannot think of anything that I needed that I did not receive

-I can think of nothing I wanted that I did not receive (let's be honest, I'm sure there were some things as a youngin' that I wanted, but no one needs every single Malibu Barbie and her entire beach house anyway!)

-My Mom helped with my little brother's boy scouts as a Pack Leader (that's right, right?) and though she lovingly dragged me to every family day at boy scout camp (a true task, I'm sure), it was worth it to see her dedication to raise my brother to be the wonderful man he is today

-My Mom came to Every. Single. Thing. that I was involved in. "Sure, moms do that," you might say, "they support their kids."  And you would be right... except, most moms come to most of their children's things. Sometimes, they skip to deep clean the house or make a week's worth of dinners (or crazy things along those lines). My Mom came to it all. Dance recitals, cheer events (i.e. football games, basketball games, soccer games, competitions, the works), awards ceremonies, orchestra concerts. There was not ONE SINGLE THING she did not attend

-My Mom raised us to know right from wrong. Did I make mistakes in this department growing up? Heck yeah. But it was to no fault of hers. Mostly, my own stubborn stupidity

-My Mom raised us to be humble about what we have. To know that not everyone in this world has even an inkling of the family, friends, and life that we do

-My Mom raised us to be kind... to treat others how you would want to be treated

-My Mom raised me to know that I am worthy. I am worthy of someone's time and effort. I am worthy of gracefully receiving the things in life that I have worked towards. I am worth of the truth. And, most importantly, I am worthy of someones unconditional love

-My Mom raised us to love God

And really, is there anything better that a mother can do than that? I think not.

I think I could list things on and on, but you get the point. My Mom is simply amazing. I can only pray that I am half the mom she has been.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thank you for raising us with such love :)


Sunday, April 6, 2014

The frustrating thing is....

I could have titled this Foster Parenting 101.2, but really, anything with the word "FRUSTRATING" in it seems to fit better.

"Well, we have cancelled our April class. Our May class has been moved back to the beginning of June... possibly. Oh, but the June class is scheduled to start. However, we may cap off the number of people/couples that can attend that both of those. We are giving priority to people that want older children. That means you guys might not be able to start either of those."
"Do you have an idea of what day of the week they will be?"
"Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. We don't have any Wednesday or on the weekend! Does that help? We are just very busy."

Actually, no. Ok, well yes, since I have no say in the matter. But really, no. (Commence the toddler tantrum throwing visual in my head)

That was my phone call last week.

I have never been a case worker or social worker. I have NO IDEA what their jobs entail in a foster setting. I am absolutely sure that they are BUSY! Thus, this blog is not about them and their lack of time. I respect all that they do.

But holy cow!

I am blessed to work in a great ED setting, but that obviously means that I am constantly aware of the kiddos that come in needing emergency foster placement. That could be us! We could be helping that baby. If only...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Foster parenting 101.1

Well, we have been thrown to the wolves into all of the foster information overload it seems.

Our meeting went well. However, it was a bit overwhelming for me. Not necessarily because of the information we received, but rather because the company is understandably busy with training families and doing their home studies, as well as the many other services that they offer in the community. And because of that, they do not have a set schedule for their training classes.

 As of right now, they have none scheduled, but will likely have one starting in April (ie about two weeks from now). For most people, that is fine. For my schedule at work, where there is nothing set, it is hard to get off on such short notice {read: practically impossible}.

Foster parents: is this normal?

I feel such a sense of uneasiness at the lack of planning. My type-A personality is going crazy

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Win-Win

So much has happened since I last posted. First, I've been praying and praying about where God want us to be in the whole process. I've been reading... Scripture, articles, blogs, you name it. I guess I thought by reading all this that I would just feel some sense of relief or direction to it all.

It's funny how things work out though. In my profession, I see a whole lot of goodness and healing. But I also see more terrible, unspeakable things than I will usually never admit to other people. The "How do you do it?!" question comes up often for peds nurses, and even more often for peds ER nurses. My typical response (which I must say too often because Shawn recited it word for word the other day) is, "Well, more kiddos get better than get worse." I usually follow it by stating that you have to keep your mind and heart on that fact and try to hold onto the good things. And that is all completely true!
But for are many reasons, mostly HIPPA laws and the fact that even if I could tell you what I see, I'm positive you wouldn't actually want to hear about those terrible things, I don't even let myself think about the negatives. So saying my typical response essentially covers all you need to know and all that my heart could even let out without being broken on a weekly basis.

However, if I let myself think of those things... the baby with bruises and broken bones that is too young to even roll over, or the 3 year old who just disclosed that somebody hurt her... all I want to do is cuddle them. I want to make them stop crying and give them at least a semblance of a normal life. I want to show them that this is not their fault... that this is the fault of so many people, society, the hardships, the mental illness, bad decisions, stupidity, hate, and evil of everyone around them but themselves. We have no words, no explanation to give them that would, should satisfy or justify why they are in this situation. But I know I have one thing, love.  Cheesy, yes. The truth, oh heck yeah.

So, with all that being said, and a discussion (albeit short, as we tend to agree on most of these things) with Shawn, we have decided that becoming foster parents is something that we feel called to do right now.

We have been enrolled in the informational meeting this coming Monday evening!
After speaking with a fellow nurse who fosters and our manager who is newly certified, many of my fears have been placed at ease. My biggest concern was and is about child care during those hours that I leave for work and Shawn returns home from it. I am less nervous now that I know a few of the rules but still would list it as a concern just because it will be something to get used to.

At the worst, we get our first kiddo. Love on them so very much. Then we have to watch them leave back into the world, with so many unknowns. And we hate it. We hate every minute of watching them leave and no longer feel like we can do this. But we know that we have bettered that kids life, even if for only a short time.
At the best, we get our first kiddo. Love on them so very much. Then we have to watch them leave back into the world, with so many unknowns. And we love it. We love every minute, every second of it. We accept the fact that we are heartbroken as we watch them leave. But we love the entire experience.

I think that's a win-win, on so many levels.

- We are going through MO Baptist Children's Home foster care services. They seem like such a great placement for us so I think that is where He truly wants us to be.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Topic of the Day

Is......... ADOPTION!

If you know me well, then you know that from the time I can remember I have wanted to adopt a child.
We started on the subject at work this weekend and wouldn't you know it, two ladies (one nurse and one RT) that are sitting at the same desk as me have adopted!

So we began talking about the pros, the cons, the costs, the legalities, the surprises and (most importantly) the L*O*V*E!

Adopting is such a very big process. You have to do applications, your home study, lawyer "things" ~note that I have no idea what all that entails yet, approvals, denials, patiently waiting... waiting... waiting... GOING, and going now. The list is really far more extensive than this.

But despite the time, money, work, waiting, going and process in general, one thing that is constant-- They would not change it for the world!

There are so many verses in the Bible that call us to adoption.
Do I think that means every person needs to adopt? Heck no. Does every person get called to be missionaries over seas? No. Does every person get called to the alter? No. But I do think that we all get called to do these things (and more) as best we can in our own capacities.
We ourselves are, in every sense of the word, adopted. Christ adopted us, he adopted our sins as his own. So for me (and Shawn I feel comfortable saying), adopting is something we have been innately called to do and already planned for our future.

There are two main "types" of private adoption. International and Domestic. Both have so many pros and cons, it is hard to imagine choosing one over the other.
I asked one of the gals here who said, "There is such a great need around the world. The US does not have all these children sitting in cribs never being held."
Her statement hit home. Maybe more than I wished it would.
I have been so set on adopting from the US that I have failed to look at what the "big picture" is. That one statement weighed so heavily on my heart. That one statement has made me rethink what boarders I had set in my mind.

What are yall's thoughts?
Have you adopted? Dom or Int?


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A little here and a little there

Ok, first things first:  Our first loan is officially paid off in our debt snowball and our 2nd one will be paid tomorrow!
Woo hoo!  Yup... this sums up how we feel ;)

Now for some more fun stuff....

I decorated one of the living room walls with this. (Don't mind Lexi's photo, it's just temporary until I print off an actual photo and not just one on my home printer!) We all know God has torn my heart between both kiddos and animals, so it's no surprise that Shawn is self-admittedly a dog-lover too now!

~I found the sign at Hobby Lobby (50% off) for $10
~The navy blue frames are from Target (again, 1/2 price at only about $10 each) with actual cute little paw prints from Elli and Lexi
~The lamp was also on sale at Target for $14.99
~The black frames are recycled from ones I had up in my old home
~The ribbon was left over from the wedding
~And the signs are all hung with Command removable hangers

I put this 3x3 square shelf below it and am in the process of adding things to it that match our white/tan/navy blue living room theme :) Plus, the pup's toys are all in the baskets, which they clearly like to drag things out of...

I finally ordered some of our wedding photos which get here tomorrow so I will be adding more decor to our newly painted living room soon! 
Also, look for a post in the future for my first sewing expedition when I attempt to make curtains! :) I will try and take some pics as I go along.


P.S. we are currently in the interview process to be a Big Couple in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters KC program which would mean we will (hopefully) get a little brother soon to hang out with. We are pretty excited about it, a little nervous, but mostly very hopeful! I will update you when we find out for sure!